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Season Seven
Season seven of CBS' hit crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation ran during the 2006-2007 season. It featured the season-long 'Miniature Killer' arc, Greg's life-changing decision and its effects, Grissom's sabbatical (during which a new, mysterious CSI came in), and a deeper exploration of Grissom and Sara's recently-revealed relationship. Guest stars included Danny Bonaduce, John Mayer, Kevin Federline, Roger Daltrey, Liev Schreiber, Method Man, and Melinda Clarke.

Episode List
7x01 - Built To Kill (Part 1)
7x02 - Built To Kill (Part 2)
7x03 - Toe Tags
7x04 - Fannysmackin'
7x05 - Double-Cross
7x06 - Burn Out
7x07 - Post Mortem
7x08 - Happenstance
7x09 - Living Legend
7x10 - Loco Motives
7x11 - Leaving Las Vegas
7x12 - Sweet Jane
7x13 - Redrum
7x14 - Meet Market
7x15 - Law of Gravity
7x16 - Monster In The Box
7x17 - Fallen Idols
7x18 - Empty Eyes
7x19 - Big Shots
7x20 - Lab Rats
7x21 - Ending Happy
7x22 - Leapin' Lizards
7x23 - The Good, The Bad and The Dominatrix
7x24 - Living Doll

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