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Released in 2002, Dolls is the eleventh track on Ayumi Hamasaki's fifth album, RAINBOW.

Other Versions:
Non-Stop Mega Mix (Dub's Wax Figure Remix) from ayu-mi-x 5 non-stop mega mix
Future Breeze remix from ayu trance 3

From Ayu's Official Website (in English): This is a large-scale, medium-tempo track that was inspired when ayu came into contact with Dolls, a film by Takeshi Kitano, just as album recording was beginning. Although the song itself existed before this meeting, ayu immediately set to reassembling it into its final form: A mature song that carries a strong impact. Her performance in the chorus, which crescendos during the latter half of the track, is very dramatic, and can be likened to a blossoming flower.
From ayu: When I listened to the completed tune, I pictured a painting that depicts blooming flowers that fill the landscape. From this, I came up with "kirei-na hana wo sakasemasho" (let us make the flowers bloom), which I used as a starting point to develop the lyrics. The phrase -masho (let us) appears repeatedly because I wanted to create a pretty tune and to emphasize the delicate images that are inherent to the Japanese language.

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