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Grissom and Sara
***The following contains spoilers through season 10***
Gil Grissom (played by William Petersen) and Sara Sidle (played by Jorja Fox) are characters from CBS' hit crime drama CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Sara was written as a love interest for Grissom, and their feelings for each other were occasionally hinted at, often subtly. In the sixth season finale, the audience found out that Grissom and Sara were officially in a romantic relationship. However, they did not find out until season eight that the two had been together for a year before it was revealed on screen. From season seven on, the couple's "moments" were a lot more frequent, as well as much more obvious and romantic. Jorja Fox left the show in mid season eight, and Sara left Las Vegas. However, Grissom and Sara's relationship continued to be referred to and explored. William Petersen left the show in mid season nine, and his final episode ended with Grissom meeting up with Sara in Costa Rica and swooping her up in a passionate kiss. Sara rejoined the Las Vegas Crime Lab as a CSI in season ten, when Jorja Fox signed on to return for five episodes (which later became an indefinite return), and in the tenth season premiere, it was revealed that Grissom and Sara are married.

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