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Olivia Lufkin was born December 9th 1979 in Naha, Okinawa, to an American father and Japanese mother. As her father was a United States Marine, her family moved around a lot, and she grew up in both Japan and the United States, though she spoke only English at home. She attended the famous Okinawa Actors School, where she was discovered and became part of the idol group D&D. They released five singles and an album between 1996 and 1998. After she collaborated with Tetsuya Komuro and Jean Michel Jarre on TOGETHER NOW, the theme song of the 1998 FIFA World Cup, she separated from D&D and began a solo career, with her first single, I.L.Y. ~欲望~, being released in 1999. After six singles, she released her first album, synchronicity, in late 2000. She released another single, Sea me, in 2001, followed by Into The Stars in 2002. In 2003, she released four English-only, dark-themed, rock-oriented mini albums exclusively at Tower Records. Her second full album, The Lost Lolli, mostly featuring a selection of songs from her mini albums, was released in 2004. She then went on hiatus until 2006, when she achieved mainstream success performing music for anime adaption of Ai Yazawa's popular manga NANA. She released two singles, an album, and particpated in a best album for the series under the title OLIVIA inspi' REIRA (TRAPNEST). She then released two more mini albums, The Cloudy Dreamer in 2007 and Trinka Trinka in 2008, another single, Sailing free, in 2009, and a best album, GREATEST HITS, in 2010. She has performed at conventions overseas in the United States, France, Germany, and Sweden.

Olivia now lives in California. She has an eco friendly fashion brand called We Are Brave Spirits. She previously sold art and handmade jewelry and crafts on Etsy. She married Owen Vallis in 2012. Their son, Atlas Natan Vallis, was born on January 13th 2014. She has a beloved mauxie dog named Kafka. Her younger brother Jeffrey performs music under the name eli walks and Olivia has frequently worked with him on her music. Her younger sister Caroline is also a singer, both as a solo artist and with the band Mice Parade.

Olivia is currently working on new music, though it is unknown when it will be released.

December 06th 2000
1. solarhalfbreed
2. walk on by
3. Dear Angel
4. Color of your Spoon
5. Escape the Flames
6. Dress me Up (English Version)
7. soulmate
8. できない
9. Grapefruit Tea
10. crystalline
11. liquid skies
12. re-ACT (Album Mix)
13. I.L.Y. ~欲望~ (Album Mix)
14. mint (first press only)
Internal Bleeding Strawberry
Internal Bleeding Strawberry
February 21st 2003
1. sea me
2. solarhalfbreed
3. into the stars
4. dress me up
5. grapefruit tea
6. color of your spoon
7. internal bleeding strawberry
Merry & Hell Go Round
Merry & Hell Go Round
June 27th 2003
1. SpidERƧpins
2. Denial
3. Blind Unicorn
4. Cupid
5. Sugarbloodsuckers
Comatose Bunny Butcher
Comatose Bunny Butcher
September 12th 2003
1. Celestial Delinquent
2. 026unconscious333
3. 57StoЯM03
4. Devil's in me
5. Bliss Forest
The Return Of The Chlorophyll Bunny
The Return Of The Chlorophyll Bunny
December 03rd 2003
1. Dreamcamp
2. Skip to a little #
3. Purple Box
4. Under Your Waves
5. Space Halo
The Lost Lolli The Lost Lolli (Tower Records first press edition)
The Lost Lolli
February 18th 2004
1. Alone in our Castle
2. Fake Flowers
3. Blind Unicorn
4. Devil's in me
5. Celestial Delinquent
6. Space Halo
7. SpidERƧpins (Lost Lolli Mix)
8. 026unconscious333
9. Under Your Waves
10. Dreamcamp
11. Denial
12. Sea me (English version)
13. Into the Stars (Live Arrangement Version)
The Cloudy Dreamer (CD only) The Cloudy Dreamer (CD+DVD)
The Cloudy Dreamer
January 17th 2007
1. If you only knew
2. Stars shining out
3. Dream Catcher
4. Who's gonna stop it?
5. Cloudy world
6. Cut me free
7. Wish (English ver.)
8. a little pain
February 28th 2007
1. a little pain
2. Wish
3. Starless Night
4. Shadow of Love
5. Tell me
6. Rock you
7. Winter sleep
8. Recorded Butterflies -Studio Live-
9. Wish -Live-
10. a little pain -Studio Live-
March 21st 2007
1. rose
2. a little pain
3. zero
4. Wish
5. Starless Night
6. 黒い涙
8. stand by me
9. Shadow of Love
10. Winter sleep
12. LUCY ~Studio Live Version~
13. Nothing's gonna take my love
14. Recorded Butterflies ~Live Version~
Trinka Trinka (CD only) Trinka Trinka (CD+DVD)
Trinka Trinka
September 17th 2008
1. Trinka trinka
2. Rain
3. Because
4. Collecting sparkles
5. Miss you
6. Your smile
October 13th 2010
Disc 1 - A-side
1. Stars shining out
2. Color of your spoon
3. Rain
4. Dream Catcher
5. a little pain
6. Sunlight
7. Sea me
8. Wish
9. SpidERƧpins
10. Sailing free
11. Into the Stars
12. Winter sleep
Disc 2 - B-side
1. Ballerina
2. let go
3. Be your friend
4. Space Halo
5. Cut me free
6. Under Your Waves
7. Cupid
8. alone in our castle
9. Celestial Delinquent
10. If you only knew
11. Trinka trinka
12. tears & rainbows

I.L.Y. ~欲望~ (I.L.Y. ~Yokubou~)
I.L.Y. ~欲望~
February 03rd 1999
1. I.L.Y. ~欲望~
2. 花弁
3. I.L.Y. ~欲望~ (Instrumental)
4. 花弁 (Instrumental)
May 12th 1999
1. re-ACT
2. Rolling Stone
3. re-ACT (Instrumental)
4. Rolling Stone (Instrumental)
Dear Angel
Dear Angel
October 10th 1999
1. Dear Angel
2. Remember Me?
3. Dear Angel (English Version)
4. Dear Angel (Instrumental)
Dress me Up
Dress me Up
April 19th 2000
1. Dress me Up
2. So Beautiful
3. Pass me the Sugar
4. Dress me Up (English Version)
5. Pass me the Sugar (English Version)
できない (Dekinai)
July 26th 2000
1. できない
2. Escape the Flames
3. Slow-Mo'
4. できない (Down to floor mix)
5. Pass me the Sugar (Heat in beat mix)
Color of your Spoon
Color of your Spoon
October 04th 2000
1. Color of your Spoon
2. Grapefruit Tea
3. Lettuce Garden
Sea me
Sea me
December 05th 2001
1. Sea me
2. Africa
Into The Stars
Into The Stars
September 04th 2002
1. Into The Stars
2. Ballerina
a little pain (CD only) a little pain (CD+DVD)
a little pain
June 28th 2006
1. a little pain
2. tears & rainbows
3. let go
Wish/Starless Night (CD only) Wish/Starless Night (CD+DVD)
Wish/Starless Night
October 11th 2006
1. Wish
2. Starless Night
3. Close your eyes
Sailing free (OLIVIA ver.) Sailing free (BASARA ver.)
Sailing free
April 15th 2009
1. Sailing free
2. Love Love Love
3. Undress

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