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These are top ten fanlistings I'd most love to own. I'm crazy-obsessed with all these subjects, so to own any of them would be a dream come true!

Ai Otsuka (Musicians: Female; Actresses; Authors/Writers) Ayumi Hamasaki (Musicians: Female; Actresses; Models) CSI: Sara Sidle (Characters: TV) Disney: Donald Duck (Animation) Disneyland (Places) Inuyasha: Inuyasha & Kagome (Anime/Manga: Relationships) Pokémon: Gardevoir (Games; Anime/Manga: Characters) Tangled (Animation) WALL•E (Animation)

Granted Wishes
CSI: Grissom & Sara (Relationships: TV) Jorja Fox (Actresses) Carrie Underwood (Musicians: Female; Actresses; Authors/Writers) OLIVIA (Olivia Lufkin) (Musicians: Female) Kelly Clarkson (Musicians: Female; Actresses; Authors/Writers)

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